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About ExaSphere

About ExaShpere


  • Is the first and only completely generalized tool for network monitoring
  • Tracks a network entropy spectra over time, monitoring its behavior
  • Identifies abnormal behaviors in networks anomalies, attacks, & failures
  • Is a general-purpose engine for all types of networks

The Origin of ExaSphere

The ExaSphere Network Analysis Engine software algorithms were developed under a DARPA research program to monitor the Internet.

What is a Network?

A network is a set of points or nodes where some are connected.

Examples of Networks

Internet Networks Airline Networks Banking Networks
Computers are the nodes and information (emails, images, and documents) is transferred between them. Airports are nodes and the number of connecting flights or number of passengers transported is the transfer. People and companies are nodes and money is
the transfer.

Why is Monitoring a Network Difficult?

Important networks involve millions of nodes and trillions of changing values. All values are of equal importance and thus it is impossible to measure or track the network without reducing the problem to a manageable set of values.

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