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How Does It Work?

  1. Four inputs are needed: (1) Time, (2) Node i, (3) Node j, (4) Transfer value
    • Transfer value can be money, passengers, or information from i to j where i & j are numbers (1, 2, …) that distinguish the nodes, whether they are people, computers, or airports.
    • These four variables will be repeated in millions and millions of records corresponding to each data transfer
  2. A window of time is defined to add up these transfers into a collection as a matrix. 
    • For example, the financial transfers done between 8:00 and 9:00am, then next, those between 9:00 and 10:00am and so on.
    • The transfers are added up into a ‘connection matrix’ for each window: Cij, for that time.
    • There are a few user adjustable parameters depending on the application. 
  3. The software processes C over time: 
    • It reduces C to a few representative values for network monitoring, and plots as a graph.
    • Entropy levels for inputs and outputs of all nodes are computed and plotted.
    • The curves are correlated over time to summarize behavior.
    • Other analysis is performed on the entropy structures

Types of Networks That Can Be Tracked and Analyzed

  • Communication Networks
    • Internet Traffic
    • Phone - both wireless & wired
    • Mail, UPS, Fed-Ex
  • Transportation Networks
    • Air Traffic
    • Highway Traffic
    • Waterways
    • Railroads
    • Pipelines
  • Financial Networks
    • Banking Transactions
    • Accounting Flows
    • Ownership & Investment Networks
    • Input-Output Economic Flows
  • Utility & Energy Networks
    • Electrical Grids
    • Water & Sewer Flows
    • Natural Gas & Petroleum Distribution
  • Social Networks
    • Organizational & Business Structures
    • Terrorist & Criminal Networks
  • Manufacturing Processes
    • Process & Manufacturing Workflow
  • Biological & Ecological Networks
  • Disease & Health Networks
  • Electrical Networks
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